Am I eligible for this study?

If you are over 18, identify as a woman and are in a relationship with someone who also identifies as a women AND you live in the New York City area - you are eligible

I am trans or non-binary - am I eligible?

If you also identify as a woman and if your partner does as well - you are eligible!  

Does it matter if I am just dating someone?

We are interested in a range of relationships from casually dating to married.  So, yes - you are eligible!


Tell me more about the interviews.

Once you complete the survey, you will be asked if you would be interested in the interviews.  If you say yes, that is not binding.  We will contact you and talk with you about the interviews and then you can make your decision.

The interviews are two sessions long - one interview is with your partner and the second interview is with each of you separately.  In the interviews, we will talk about your relationship, your health, and all of the things in your lives that affect both of these.


Will we be compensated for the interviews?

Yes!  We will be compensating people for their time and transportation.

When and where are the interviews?

We will schedule the interviews at times and days that are convenient for you.  We ask that you come in person to the Columbia Medical campus for the first interview, but we do the second interview over the phone.


Any other questions?

Email us at theSOQIRstudy@gmail.com.  

Or start doing the survey here!